limpido has 25 translations in 10 languages

translations of limpido

IT EN English 2 translations
IT ES Spanish 3 translations
IT FR French 3 translations
  • limpide (a) [liquido, acqua]
  • vivide [clear, detailed or powerful] (n adj)
  • clair (a) [acqua]
IT DE German 4 translations
IT NL Dutch 3 translations
  • helder (a) [acqua, clear, detailed or powerful, liquido]
  • krachtig [clear, detailed or powerful]
  • gedetailleerd [clear, detailed or powerful]
IT PT Portuguese 3 translations
IT SV Swedish 1 translation
  • klar (a) [liquido, acqua]
IT PL Polish 1 translation
IT RU Russian 2 translations
IT JA Japanese 3 translations
  • 鮮烈 (v n int) [clear, detailed or powerful] (n adj)
  • 鮮明 (v n int) [clear, detailed or powerful] (n adj)
  • 鮮やか (v n int) [clear, detailed or powerful] (n adj)

Synonyms for limpido

  1. Meaning: chiaro [a]
  2. Meaning: puro [a]
  3. Meaning: sereno [a]
    limpido, bello
  4. Meaning: cristallino [a]
    limpido, luminoso, traslucido
  5. Meaning: alto [a]
    chiaro, forte {m}, limpido, vibrante, sonoro {m}

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