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translations of francamente

IT EN English 9 translations
IT ES Spanish 17 translations
IT FR French 17 translations
IT DE German 9 translations
IT NL Dutch 21 translations
IT PT Portuguese 17 translations
IT SV Swedish 17 translations
IT PL Polish 2 translations
  • szczerze (v) [in a frank, open or (too) honest manner]
  • bez ogródek (n v adj) [in a frank, open or (too) honest manner]
IT DA Danish 1 translation
  • ærligt talt (n v num) [in a frank, open or (too) honest manner] (adv)
IT RU Russian 4 translations

Synonyms for francamente

  1. Meaning: decisamente [o]
    risolutamente, francamente
  2. Meaning: a voler esser sincero [o]
    a voler esser sincero, francamente
  3. Meaning: apertamente [o]
  4. Meaning: apertamente [o]
  5. Meaning: risolutamente [o]

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