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translations of acquoso

IT EN English 3 translations
IT ES Spanish 3 translations
  • aguado (a) [liquido, caffè, minestra]
  • ácueo (a) [generale]
  • claro (a) [liquido] {m}
IT FR French 5 translations
IT DE German 4 translations
IT NL Dutch 4 translations
  • dun (a) [liquido]
  • waterig (a) [minestra, caffè, generale]
  • ijl (a) [liquido]
  • slap (a) [caffè, minestra]
IT PT Portuguese 4 translations
  • aquoso (a) [generale]
  • aguado (a) [caffè, liquido, minestra]
  • fraco (a) [caffè, minestra] {m}
  • ralo (a) [liquido, minestra, caffè]
IT SV Swedish 2 translations
  • tunn (a) [minestra, liquido, caffè]
  • vattnig (a) [caffè, generale, minestra]

Synonyms for acquoso

  1. Meaning: bagnato [a]
    acquoso, molle {f}, madido, mucido, rorido, uliginoso, umido {m}

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