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translations of sincère

FR EN English 21 translations
FR ES Spanish 25 translations
FR IT Italian 28 translations
FR DE German 9 translations
FR PT Portuguese 27 translations
FR NL Dutch 20 translations
FR SV Swedish 20 translations
FR CS Czech 3 translations
  • přímý (n adv v) [straightforward, open and sincere] {m}
  • upřímný (determiner adj) [earnest]
  • otevřený (n adv v) [straightforward, open and sincere] {m}
FR PL Polish 1 translation
FR BG Bulgarian 3 translations
FR HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • őszinte (adj adv v n) [earnest] (adj)
FR RU Russian 4 translations
FR JA Japanese 1 translation

Synonyms for sincère

  1. Meaning: authentique [a]
  2. Meaning: franc [a]
    ouvert, droit {m}, loyal, honnête, sincère
  3. Meaning: trait de caractère [a]
    loyal, net, ferme {f}, franc {m}, vrai {m}, ouvert, sincère, carré {m}
  4. Meaning: franc [a]
    sincère, véritable
  5. Meaning: vrai [a]

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