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translations of papa

FR EN English 5 translations
  • papa (n) [général] (informal)
  • pa (n) [général] (informal)
  • dad (n) [général] (informal)
  • daddy (n) [général] (informal)
  • father
FR ES Spanish 4 translations
FR IT Italian 3 translations
FR DE German 5 translations
  • Papa (n) [général] {m}
  • Papi (n) [général] {m}
  • Vati (n) [général] {m}
  • Pa (n) {m}
  • Vater {m}
FR PT Portuguese 3 translations
  • papai (n) [général] {m}
  • pai (n) [général] {m}
  • paizinho (n) [général] {m}
FR NL Dutch 6 translations
  • papa [général] {m}
  • pappa (n) [général] {m}
  • paps (n) [général] {m}
  • pa (n) [général] {m}
  • pappie (n) [général] {m}
  • vader {m}
FR SV Swedish 3 translations
FR CS Czech 5 translations
FR PL Polish 3 translations
FR DA Danish 2 translations
FR BG Bulgarian 2 translations
FR HU Hungarian 1 translation

Synonyms for papa

  1. Meaning: père [n]
    paternel, vieux {m}, papa {m}
  2. Meaning: chef de famille [n]
    parent {m}, papa {m}, père {m}
  3. Meaning: père [n]
    papa {m}, pater, paternel

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