matraque has 40 translations in 13 languages

translations of matraque

FR EN English 6 translations
FR ES Spanish 6 translations
  • maza [short heavy club] {f}
  • garrote [short heavy club] {m}
  • porra (n) [police, short heavy club, club of the police] {f}
  • clava [short heavy club]
  • bastón (n) [police] {m}
  • cachiporra [short heavy club, police] {f}
FR IT Italian 4 translations
  • mazza (conj prep adv) [short heavy club] {f}
  • bastone (n) [police] {m}
  • randello (n) [police] {m}
  • manganello (conj prep adv) [club of the police, leather-covered hand weapon, police] {m}
FR DE German 3 translations
FR PT Portuguese 4 translations
  • porrete (n) [police] {m}
  • borracha (n) [police] {f}
  • clava (n proper) [short heavy club] {f}
  • cassetete (n proper) [club of the police, police, short club] {m}
FR NL Dutch 3 translations
FR SV Swedish 2 translations
  • batong (adj v n adv) [club of the police] (u)
  • klubba (adj v n adv) [short heavy club] (u)
FR CS Czech 1 translation
  • obušek (adv conj n) [short heavy club] (n v)
FR PL Polish 1 translation
  • pałka (n conj) [short heavy club, club of the police] {f}
FR BG Bulgarian 1 translation
FR HU Hungarian 4 translations
FR RU Russian 3 translations
FR JA Japanese 2 translations
  • 棍棒 (determiner pronoun) [short heavy club] (n v)
  • 警棒 (determiner pronoun) [club of the police] (n v)