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translations of hostie

FR EN English 2 translations
FR ES Spanish 1 translation
  • hostia (n) [religious token, religion] {f}
FR IT Italian 2 translations
  • ostia (n) [religion, religious token] {f}
  • particola (n) [religion] {f}
FR DE German 1 translation
  • Hostie (n) [religious token, religion] {f}
FR PT Portuguese 1 translation
  • hóstia (n) [religious token, religion] {f}
FR NL Dutch 1 translation
  • hostie (n) [religious token, religion] {f}
FR CS Czech 1 translation
  • hostie (v) [religious token] (n)
FR PL Polish 2 translations
FR HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • ostya [religious token] (n)
FR RU Russian 1 translation

Synonyms for hostie

  1. Meaning: hostie [n]
    hostie {f}, victime {f}

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