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translations of garniture

FR EN English 6 translations
FR ES Spanish 4 translations
FR IT Italian 4 translations
FR DE German 6 translations
FR PT Portuguese 6 translations
FR NL Dutch 5 translations

Synonyms for garniture

  1. Meaning: équipement [n]
    accompagnement {m}, armature {f}, assortiment {m}, doublure {f}, fourniture {f}, harnachement, installation {f}, monture {f}, accessoire, agrès, forme {f}, garniture {f}
  2. Meaning: ornement [n]
    parure {f}, joyau, bijou {m}, bordure {f}, garniture {f}
  3. Meaning: copie [n]
    garniture {f}, doublure {f}
  4. Meaning: technique [n]
    moule {f}, gabarit {m}, modèle {m}, carcasse {f}, châssis {m}, garniture {f}, forme {f}
  5. Meaning: base [n]
    fondation {f}, ossature {f}, soutien {m}, support {m}, charpente {f}, carcasse {f}, garniture {f}, armature {f}

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