factionnaire has 24 translations in 10 languages

translations of factionnaire

FR EN English 2 translations
  • sentinel [A sentry or guard, histoire - homme]
  • sentry (n) [militaire]
FR ES Spanish 2 translations
  • centinela [A sentry or guard, histoire - homme, militaire] {m}
  • guarda [A sentry or guard] {f}
FR IT Italian 1 translation
  • sentinella (conj prep adv) [A sentry or guard, militaire, histoire - homme] {f}
FR DE German 6 translations
FR PT Portuguese 3 translations
  • sentinela (n proper) [A sentry or guard, histoire - homme, militaire] {m}
  • vigia (n proper) [A sentry or guard] {f}
  • guarda (n) [militaire] {m}
FR NL Dutch 3 translations
FR CS Czech 1 translation
  • hlídka (adv conj n) [A sentry or guard] {f}
FR HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • őrszem [A sentry or guard] (n v)
FR RU Russian 4 translations
FR JA Japanese 1 translation
  • 歩哨 (determiner pronoun) [A sentry or guard] (n v)

Synonyms for factionnaire

  1. Meaning: sentinelle [n]
    sentinelle {f}, factionnaire {m}

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