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  • samtal (n) [conférence] {n}

Synonyms for entrevue

  1. Meaning: rencontre [n]
    entretien {m}, audience {f}, visite {f}, abouchement, entrevue {f}
  2. Meaning: fait [n]
    entrevue {f}, interview {f}
  3. Meaning: rencontre [n]
    audience {f}, entrevue {f}, rencard, rancard, rendez-vous {m}
  4. Meaning: entretien [n]
    entrevue {f}, rencontre {f}, conférence {f}, abouchement
  5. Meaning: fait [n]
    entretien {m}, rendez-vous {m}, entrevue {f}, séance {f}, visite {f}, réception {f}, audience {f}

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