direct has 162 translations in 13 languages

translations of direct

FR EN English 16 translations
FR ES Spanish 22 translations
FR IT Italian 26 translations
FR DE German 13 translations
FR PT Portuguese 23 translations
FR NL Dutch 24 translations
FR SV Swedish 22 translations
FR CS Czech 2 translations
  • přímý (pronoun adv int determiner) [not deviating; honest; frank, Straight, constant, without interruption] {m}
  • přímočarý (pronoun adv int determiner) [not deviating; honest; frank]
FR BG Bulgarian 2 translations
FR HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • egyenes [not deviating; honest; frank]
FR RU Russian 6 translations
FR HI Hindi 1 translation
  • सीधा [Straight, constant, without interruption] (sīdhā)
FR JA Japanese 4 translations
  • 簡単 (pronoun) [not deviating; honest; frank] (adj adv)
  • 率直 (pronoun) [not deviating; honest; frank] (adj adv)
  • 直接の (abbr n prep) [Straight, constant, without interruption] (adj adv v)
  • まっすぐ (pronoun) [not deviating; honest; frank] (adj adv int n v)

Synonyms for direct

  1. Meaning: soudain [a]
  2. Meaning: direct [a]
    direct, prochain
  3. Meaning: direction [a]
    rectiligne, direct, droit {m}
  4. Meaning: trait de caractère [a]
  5. Meaning: précisé [a]

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