Déluge has 40 translations in 16 languages

translations of Déluge

FR EN English 3 translations
  • deluge [a great flood]
  • Deluge [the Biblical flood] (mythology)
  • flood (n) [protestation]
FR ES Spanish 4 translations
FR IT Italian 4 translations
FR DE German 2 translations
FR PT Portuguese 3 translations
FR NL Dutch 4 translations
  • vloed (n) [protestation] {m}
  • Zondvloed (int) [the Biblical flood] (proper)
  • overvloed (adj n adv) [an overwhelming amount of something] {m}
  • stortvloed (adj n adv) [an overwhelming amount of something] {m}
FR SV Swedish 2 translations
FR CS Czech 1 translation
FR PL Polish 4 translations
  • zalew (n conj) [an overwhelming amount of something]
  • Potop [the Biblical flood]
  • potop (v) [an overwhelming amount of something, a great flood] {m}
  • potop szwedzki (v)
FR DA Danish 2 translations
FR BG Bulgarian 3 translations
FR HU Hungarian 2 translations
FR RU Russian 3 translations
FR SL Slovenian 1 translation
FR JA Japanese 1 translation
FR VI Vietnamese 1 translation

Synonyms for déluge

  1. Meaning: inondation [n]
    pluie {f}, averse {f}, cataracte {f}, trombe {f}, déluge {m}
  2. Meaning: avalanche [n]
  3. Meaning: abondance [n]
    avalanche {f}, quantité {f}, déluge {m}, pluie {f}
  4. Meaning: submersion [n]
  5. Meaning: cyclone [n]
    orage {m}, ouragan {m}, rafale {f}, tempête {f}, typhon {m}, bourrasque, cataracte {f}, déluge {m}, tourmente, trombe {f}

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