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  • 休会 [the state of being adjourned] (n)
  • 延期 [the state of being adjourned] (n)

Synonyms for ajournement

  1. Meaning: retard [n]
    remise {f}, renvoi {m}, sursis {m}, délai {m}, recul {m}, prorogation {f}, atermoiement {m}, ajournement {m}
  2. Meaning: sursis [n]
    ajournement {m}, atermoiement {m}, délai {m}, retard {m}
  3. Meaning: temps [n]
    ajournement {m}, renvoi {m}, sursis {m}, délai {m}, remise {f}
  4. Meaning: remise [n]
    délai {m}, ajournement {m}, retard {m}, concordat {m}, grâce {f}, atermoiement {m}
  5. Meaning: durée [n]
    sursis {m}, répit {m}, prolongation, remise {f}, ajournement {m}, atermoiement {m}, demeure {f}, prorogation {f}, retard {m}, délai {m}

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