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ES EN English 14 translations
ES PT Portuguese 17 translations
  • seco (a) [general, comportamiento, desecado, suelo]
  • frio (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • tosco (a) [comportamiento]
  • breve (a) [comportamiento] {f}
  • rude (a) [comportamiento]
  • brusco (a) [comportamiento]
  • bruto (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • cru (a) [comportamiento]
  • deserto (a) [desecado, suelo, general] {m}
  • árido (a) [general, desecado, suelo]
  • crasso (a) [comportamiento]
  • grosso (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • ressecado (a) [desecado, suelo]
  • grosseiro (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • mal-criado (a) [comportamiento]
  • mal-educado (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • desidratado (a) [desecado, suelo]
ES FR French 20 translations
ES IT Italian 22 translations
ES DE German 10 translations
ES NL Dutch 23 translations
ES SV Swedish 24 translations
ES PL Polish 1 translation

Synonyms for seco

  1. Meaning: apergaminado [a]
  2. Meaning: enjugado [a]
  3. Meaning: desabrido [a]
  4. Meaning: marchito [a]
  5. Meaning: amojamado [a]

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