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ES EN English 15 translations
ES PT Portuguese 19 translations
  • seco (a) [desecado, general, comportamiento, free from liquid or moisture, suelo]
  • seca {f}
  • duro (int) [having no money] {m}
  • tosco (a) [comportamiento]
  • frio (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • bruto (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • brusco (a) [comportamiento]
  • rude (a) [comportamiento]
  • deserto (a) [suelo, general, desecado] {m}
  • cru (a) [comportamiento]
  • breve (a) [comportamiento] {f}
  • grosso (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • ressecado (a) [desecado, suelo]
  • crasso (a) [comportamiento]
  • árido (a) [desecado, general, suelo]
  • grosseiro (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • mal-educado (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • mal-criado (a) [comportamiento]
  • desidratado (a) [desecado, suelo]
ES FR French 23 translations
  • sec (a) [comportamiento, general, free from liquid or moisture, desecado, suelo]
  • sèche {f}
  • cru (a) [comportamiento]
  • rude (a) [comportamiento]
  • gros (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • impoli (a) [comportamiento]
  • désert (a) [desecado, general, suelo] {m}
  • séché (a) [desecado, suelo]
  • grave (adv adj) [having a sense of seriousness]
  • aride (a) [suelo, general, desecado]
  • fauché (proper n) [having no money] (informal)
  • bourru (a) [comportamiento]
  • carré (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • abrupt (a) [comportamiento]
  • fruste (a) [comportamiento]
  • cassant (a) [comportamiento]
  • brusque (a) [comportamiento]
  • brutal (a) [comportamiento]
  • grossier (a) [comportamiento]
  • desséché (a) [desecado, suelo, general]
  • vulgaire (a) [comportamiento]
  • désertique (a) [general, desecado, suelo]
  • désagréable (a) [comportamiento]
ES IT Italian 24 translations
ES DE German 14 translations
ES NL Dutch 26 translations
  • bars (a) [comportamiento]
  • kaal (a) [desecado, suelo, general]
  • droog (a) [desecado, suelo, general, free from liquid or moisture]
  • bot (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • lomp (a) [comportamiento]
  • blut (conj prep adv) [having no money]
  • kort (a) [comportamiento]
  • bits (a) [comportamiento]
  • stroef (a) [comportamiento]
  • ruw (a) [comportamiento]
  • hard (a) [comportamiento]
  • nors (a) [comportamiento]
  • dor (a) [general, suelo, desecado]
  • grof (a) [comportamiento]
  • droge
  • kortaf (a) [comportamiento]
  • gedroogd (a) [desecado, suelo]
  • bruusk (a) [comportamiento]
  • gepluimd (conj prep adv) [having no money]
  • onbeschoft (a) [comportamiento]
  • verdroogd (a) [desecado, suelo]
  • onbeleefd (a) [comportamiento]
  • onbehouwen (a) [comportamiento]
  • uitgedroogd (a) [desecado, suelo]
  • ongemanierd (a) [comportamiento]
  • onvruchtbaar (a) [suelo, general, desecado]
ES SV Swedish 25 translations
  • torr (a) [suelo, free from liquid or moisture, general, desecado]
  • kal (a) [suelo, general, desecado]
  • pank (n adj v num) [having no money] (informal)
  • (a) [comportamiento]
  • kort (a) [comportamiento] {n}
  • karg (a) [desecado, suelo, general]
  • grov (a) [comportamiento]
  • dum (a) [comportamiento]
  • barsk (a) [comportamiento]
  • brysk (a) [comportamiento]
  • plump (a) [comportamiento]
  • tvär (a) [comportamiento]
  • sträv (a) [comportamiento]
  • snäsig (a) [comportamiento]
  • burdus (a) [comportamiento]
  • oartig (a) [comportamiento]
  • torkad (a) [desecado, suelo]
  • ohyfsad (a) [comportamiento]
  • uttorkad (a) [suelo, desecado, general]
  • ovänlig (a) [comportamiento]
  • ohövlig (a) [comportamiento]
  • förtorkad (a) [suelo, desecado]
  • oförskämd (a) [comportamiento]
  • förbränd (a) [suelo, general, desecado]
  • björnaktig (a) [comportamiento]
ES CS Czech 2 translations
  • suchý [free from liquid or moisture] {m}
  • vážný (v n adj adv int) [having a sense of seriousness] {m}
ES PL Polish 2 translations
  • suchy (n adj v adv) [free from liquid or moisture]
  • poważny (n adv v adj) [having a sense of seriousness]
ES DA Danish 1 translation
  • tør [free from liquid or moisture]
ES BG Bulgarian 2 translations
ES HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • száraz [free from liquid or moisture]
ES AF Afrikaans 1 translation
  • dor [free from liquid or moisture]
ES RU Russian 3 translations
ES SL Slovenian 4 translations
ES ZH Chinese 4 translations
ES HI Hindi 1 translation
ES JA Japanese 2 translations
ES VI Vietnamese 1 translation
  • khô [free from liquid or moisture]

Synonyms for seco

  1. Meaning: enjugado [a]
  2. Meaning: desabrido [a]
  3. Meaning: marchito [a]
  4. Meaning: apergaminado [a]
  5. Meaning: amojamado [a]

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