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translations of perfecto

ES EN English 10 translations
ES PT Portuguese 7 translations
  • perfeito (a) [dientes, calidad, tonterías, impecable]
  • certo (a) [dientes, impecable, calidad]
  • puro (a) [tonterías]
  • completo (a) [tonterías]
  • absoluto (a) [tonterías] {m}
  • impecável (a) [dientes, impecable, calidad]
  • total (a) [tonterías] {m}
ES FR French 9 translations
ES IT Italian 11 translations
ES DE German 15 translations
ES NL Dutch 11 translations
ES SV Swedish 7 translations

Synonyms for perfecto

  1. Meaning: correcto [a]
  2. Meaning: impecable [a]
  3. Meaning: escultórico [a]
  4. Meaning: completo [a]
    íntegro, total {m}, cabal, acabado {m}, absoluto, cumplido {m}, perfecto, todo {m}
  5. Meaning: inmaculado [a]

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