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translations of jocoso

ES EN English 5 translations
ES PT Portuguese 3 translations
  • jocoso (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • chistoso (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • brincalhão (a) [chistoso, comportamiento] {m}
ES FR French 4 translations
  • badin (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • comique (a) [comportamiento, chistoso] {m}
  • spirituel (a) [comportamiento, chistoso]
  • facétieux (a) [comportamiento, chistoso]
ES IT Italian 4 translations
  • giocoso (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • faceto (a) [comportamiento, chistoso]
  • arguto (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • scherzoso (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
ES DE German 4 translations
ES NL Dutch 3 translations
  • guitig (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • grappig (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • schertsend (a) [comportamiento, chistoso]
ES SV Swedish 3 translations
  • munter (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]
  • lustig (a) [comportamiento, chistoso]
  • skämtsam (a) [chistoso, comportamiento]

Synonyms for jocoso

  1. Meaning: gracioso [a]
  2. Meaning: burlón [a]
  3. Meaning: jovial [a]
    divertido, jocoso, alegre
  4. Meaning: alegre [a]
  5. Meaning: chirigotero [a]

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