chistoso has 50 translations in 14 languages

translations of chistoso

ES EN English 5 translations
ES PT Portuguese 4 translations
ES FR French 6 translations
ES IT Italian 7 translations
ES DE German 6 translations
ES NL Dutch 4 translations
  • geinig (determiner adv pronoun) [amusing; comical]
  • schertsend (a) [jocoso]
  • komiek (determiner adv pronoun) [amusing; comical] {m}
  • grappig (determiner adv pronoun) [amusing; comical, jocoso]
ES SV Swedish 5 translations
  • lustig (a) [jocoso, amusing; comical]
  • komisk (article adv) [amusing; comical]
  • skojig (article adv) [amusing; comical]
  • rolig (article adv) [amusing; comical]
  • skämtsam (a) [jocoso]
ES CS Czech 2 translations
  • zábavný (v adj adv int n) [amusing; comical]
  • legrační (v adj adv int n) [amusing; comical]
ES PL Polish 1 translation
  • zabawny (n int v acronym) [amusing; comical]
ES DA Danish 2 translations
  • morsom [amusing; comical] (adj n)
  • sjov [amusing; comical]
ES BG Bulgarian 2 translations
ES HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • vicces [amusing; comical] (adj n)
ES RU Russian 3 translations
ES JA Japanese 2 translations
  • 面白い (n phrase) [amusing; comical] (omoshiroi)
  • 可笑しい (n phrase) [amusing; comical] (okashii)

Synonyms for chistoso

  1. Meaning: gracioso [a]
    ocurrente, sutil, chancero, burlón {m}, chistoso
  2. Meaning: bromista [n]
  3. Meaning: burlón [a]
  4. Meaning: guasón [a]
  5. Meaning: gracioso [a]
    ocurrente, chistoso, donoso

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