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Synonyms for cerco

  1. Meaning: verja [n]
    barrera {f}, estacada {f}, cerca {f}, cerco {m}
  2. Meaning: asedio [n]
    sitio {m}, encierro, bloqueo {m}, acorralamiento, rodeo {m}, asalto {m}, ataque {m}, cerco {m}
  3. Meaning: corro [n]
    corrillo, rueda {f}, circuito {m}, anillo {m}, marco {m}, aureola {f}, círculo {m}, cerco {m}
  4. Meaning: halo [n]
    aureola {f}, esplendor {m}, nimbo, areola, círculo {m}, anillo {m}, cerco {m}, corona {f}
  5. Meaning: cerca [n]
    valla {f}, cercado {m}, estacada {f}, vallado {m}, cerco {m}, verja {f}, empalizada {f}

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