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translations of cercano

ES EN English 10 translations
ES PT Portuguese 5 translations
  • perto (int abbr) [at a little distance, posición]
  • vizinho (int abbr) [at a little distance, adyacente] {m}
  • próximo (int abbr) [intimate, posición, adyacente, at a little distance] {m}
  • adjacente (a) [adyacente]
  • contíguo (a) [adyacente, adjacent, neighboring]
ES FR French 6 translations
  • près (a) [posición, at a little distance]
  • proche (adj n int) [intimate, posición, at a little distance]
  • adjacent (proper n) [adjacent, neighboring, adyacente]
  • contigu (proper n) [adjacent, neighboring, adyacente]
  • voisin (proper n) [adjacent, neighboring] {m}
  • attenant (a) [adyacente]
ES IT Italian 7 translations
ES DE German 7 translations
ES NL Dutch 7 translations
ES SV Swedish 7 translations
ES CS Czech 1 translation
  • blízký (adj int n adv) [intimate, at a little distance] {m}
ES PL Polish 1 translation
  • bliski (n prep) [at a little distance]
ES DA Danish 1 translation
  • nær [at a little distance]
ES BG Bulgarian 3 translations
ES HU Hungarian 2 translations
ES RU Russian 5 translations
ES SL Slovenian 1 translation
  • bližnji [at a little distance] (v n adj)
ES HI Hindi 1 translation
  • पास [at a little distance] (...ke pās)
ES JA Japanese 1 translation
  • 近い (adv prep conj adj) [at a little distance] (v n adj)
ES VI Vietnamese 1 translation
  • gần [at a little distance]

Synonyms for cercano

  1. Meaning: cerca [a]
    cerca {f}, cercano
  2. Meaning: próximo [o]
    cercano, cabe
  3. Meaning: alcanzable [a]
    cercano, accesible
  4. Meaning: lindante [a]
  5. Meaning: indirecto [a]

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