aquél has 66 translations in 15 languages

translations of aquél

ES EN English 3 translations
  • that (o) [demostrativo, pronombre demostrativo]
  • yonder (conj) [distant but within sight]
  • that one (o) [demostrativo, specified object]
ES PT Portuguese 7 translations
  • aquilo (num n adj v) [that thing, demostrativo, pronombre demostrativo, distant but within sight]
  • aquela (num n adj v) [that thing, distant but within sight, demostrativo, pronombre demostrativo]
  • aquele (pronoun adv int determiner) [specified object, distant but within sight, demostrativo, that thing, pronombre demostrativo]
  • esse (num n adj v) [that thing, demostrativo]
  • essa (num n adj v) [that thing] {f}
  • isso (num n adj v) [that thing]
  • este (o) [demostrativo] {m}
ES FR French 10 translations
  • ça (o) [pronombre demostrativo, demostrativo, that thing]
  • celui (o) [demostrativo]
  • ceux-là (n conj) [specified object]
  • cela (o) [pronombre demostrativo, demostrativo, that thing]
  • ce (o) [demostrativo, pronombre demostrativo]
  • celui-là (o) [demostrativo, specified object]
  • là-bas (adj adv conj) [distant but within sight]
  • celui-ci (o) [demostrativo]
  • celle-là (n conj) [specified object]
  • celles-là (n conj) [specified object]
ES IT Italian 5 translations
  • quella (o) [demostrativo, pronombre demostrativo, that thing]
  • quello [specified object, that thing, pronombre demostrativo, demostrativo]
  • questo (o) [demostrativo]
  • che (o) [demostrativo, pronombre demostrativo]
  • codesto (o) [demostrativo]
ES DE German 9 translations
  • jene [that thing, demostrativo]
  • jener [that thing, specified object]
  • jenes [that thing]
  • das (o) [demostrativo, pronombre demostrativo]
  • der [specified object, demostrativo]
  • diese [that thing]
  • dieser [that thing]
  • dieses [that thing]
  • derjenige [specified object]
ES NL Dutch 4 translations
  • die (num v) [specified object, pronombre demostrativo, demostrativo]
  • deze (o) [demostrativo]
  • det (adj int n adv) [that thing] (conj determiner pronoun adv)
  • dat (o) [pronombre demostrativo, that thing, demostrativo]
ES SV Swedish 9 translations
  • den (n adj int v) [that thing, pronombre demostrativo, demostrativo]
  • det (o) [pronombre demostrativo, demostrativo, that thing]
  • denna (n adj int v) [that thing]
  • de där (adv adj v) [specified object]
  • detta (n adj int v) [that thing]
  • den där (n adj int v) [that thing, demostrativo, specified object, pronombre demostrativo]
  • den här (o) [demostrativo]
  • det där (o) [demostrativo, specified object, pronombre demostrativo, that thing]
  • det här (o) [demostrativo]
ES CS Czech 2 translations
  • to [that thing]
  • tamten [specified object] {m}
ES PL Polish 5 translations
  • te [that thing] (pl)
  • to [that thing] {n}
  • ta [that thing] {f}
  • ten [that thing] {m} (Pron.)
  • tamten (v)
ES DA Danish 1 translation
  • det [that thing]
ES BG Bulgarian 1 translation
ES HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • az [that thing]
ES AF Afrikaans 1 translation
  • daardie [specified object, that thing]
ES RU Russian 5 translations
  • то (pronoun v n) [that thing, specified object] {n}
  • тот (n adv adj) [specified object] (та,то)
  • та (n adv adj) [specified object] {f}
  • вон (n num) [distant but within sight, specified object] (adv)
  • э́то (pronoun v n) [that thing] (v)
ES JA Japanese 3 translations
  • あれ [specified object] (pronoun)
  • それ [that thing] (soré)
  • あの [distant but within sight] (anó)