English English

the (definite article)

German German

das (definite article) der (definite article) die (definite article)

French French

la (definite article) le (definite article) les (definite article)

Italian Italian

gli (definite article) i (definite article) il (definite article) l' (definite article) la (definite article) le (definite article) lo (definite article)

Spanish Spanish

el (definite article) la (definite article) las (definite article) lo (definite article) los (definite article)

Dutch Dutch

de (definite article) het (definite article)

Portuguese Portuguese

a (definite article) as (definite article) o (definite article) os (definite article)

Swedish Swedish

de (definite article) den (definite article) det (definite article)

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