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English English

plus (extra, advantage, mathematics, and also, age)

German German

Plus (mathematics) Pluspunkt (advantage) Pluszeichen (mathematics) extra (extra) mindestens (age) plus (and also, mathematics) und (and also) wenigstens (age) zusätzlich (extra) zuzüglich

French French

additionnel (extra) aspect positif (advantage) atout (advantage) et au-dessus (age) et aussi (and also) et plus (age) et également (and also) plus (and also, mathematics) supplémentaire (extra)

Italian Italian

addizionale (extra) con (and also) e (and also) e più (age) extra (extra) in aggiunta a (and also) in su (age) oltre a (and also) più (mathematics) punto a favore (advantage) segno positivo (mathematics)

Spanish Spanish

adicional (extra) extra (extra) más (and also, mathematics) punto a favor (advantage) signo más (mathematics) y (and also) y además (and also) y mayor (age)

Dutch Dutch

bijkomend (extra) en ook (and also) extra (extra) of ouder (age) plus (and also, mathematics) pluspunt (advantage) plusteken (mathematics) ten minste (age)

Portuguese Portuguese

adicional (extra) e (and also) e também (and also) extra (extra) mais (mathematics) ou mais (age) ponto a favor (advantage) sinal (mathematics) sinal de adição (mathematics)

Swedish Swedish

extra (extra) minst (age) och (and also) och över (age) plus (advantage, and also, mathematics) plustecken (mathematics) överskjutande (extra)

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also, as well, moreover, likewise, even
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