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English English

next to (adjacent, general, location, comparison)

German German

angrenzend (adjacent, general) anliegend (adjacent) bei (location) benachbart (adjacent) im Gegensatz zu (comparison) im Vergleich zu (comparison) im Verhältnis zu (comparison) neben (comparison, general, location) nächstgelegen (general)

French French

adjacent (adjacent) attenant (adjacent) auprès de (comparison, general) contigu (adjacent) en comparaison de (comparison) par rapport à (comparison) proche de (general, location) près de (general, location) vis-à-vis de (comparison) à côté de (general, location)

Italian Italian

a confronto di (comparison) a paragone di (comparison) accanto a (general) adiacente (adjacent, location) attiguo (adjacent, location) confinante (adjacent) contiguo (adjacent) rispetto a (comparison) vicino a (general, location)

Spanish Spanish

adyacente (adjacent) al lado de (general, location) cerca de (general, location) cercano (adjacent) comparado con (comparison) con respecto a (comparison) contiguo (adjacent) frente a (comparison) inmediato (adjacent) junto a (general)

Dutch Dutch

aaneengrenzend (adjacent) aangrenzend (adjacent) aanpalend (adjacent) dichtbij (location) naast (comparison, general, location) vergeleken bij (comparison) vergeleken met (comparison) vlakbij (general)

Portuguese Portuguese

adjacente (adjacent) ao lado de (general, location) ao longo de (general) contíguo (adjacent) em comparação com (comparison) em contraste com (comparison) junto a (general) perto de (location) próximo (adjacent) próximo a (general, location) vizinho (adjacent)

Swedish Swedish

angränsande (adjacent, general) bredvid (adjacent, general) i förhållande till (comparison) i jämförelse med (comparison) intill (general, location) jämfört med (comparison) nära (location) närgränsande (adjacent) närliggande (adjacent) närmast (general) vidstående (adjacent, general)

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