English English

ill in the mind (psychiatry)

German German

blöd (psychiatry) geistesgestört (psychiatry) geisteskrank (psychiatry) idiotisch (psychiatry) irrsinnig (psychiatry) schwachsinnig (psychiatry) verrückt (psychiatry) wahnsinnig (psychiatry)

French French

aliéné (psychiatry) dément (psychiatry) dérangé (psychiatry) fou (psychiatry) idiot (psychiatry) insensé (psychiatry)

Italian Italian

folle (psychiatry) impazzito (psychiatry) insensato (psychiatry) matto (psychiatry) pazzo (psychiatry)

Spanish Spanish

demente (psychiatry) insensato (psychiatry) loco (psychiatry)

Dutch Dutch

gek (psychiatry) krankzinnig (psychiatry) waanzinnig (psychiatry)

Portuguese Portuguese

demente (psychiatry) doente mental (psychiatry) insano (psychiatry) louco (psychiatry) maluco (psychiatry)

Swedish Swedish

galen (psychiatry) sinnessjuk (psychiatry) tokig (psychiatry) vansinnig (psychiatry)

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