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come at

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English English

come at (fight, reach)

German German

anfallen (fight) angreifen (fight) attackieren (fight) erreichen (reach) erzielen (reach) verwirklichen (reach)

French French

arriver à (reach) assaillir (fight) attaquer (fight) atteindre (reach) parvenir à (reach)

Italian Italian

arrivare a (reach) assalire (fight) attaccare (fight) giungere a (reach) raggiungere (reach)

Spanish Spanish

alcanzar (reach) asaltar (fight) atacar (fight) descubrir (reach) llegar a (reach)

Dutch Dutch

aanvallen (fight) achterhalen (reach) attaqueren (fight) bereiken (reach) erachter komen (reach) komen tot (reach) overvallen (fight)

Portuguese Portuguese

alcançar (reach) atacar (fight) chegar (reach) descobrir (reach) encontrar (reach)

Swedish Swedish

anfalla (fight) angripa (fight) gå lös på (fight) komma till (reach) (reach) rusa på (fight)

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achieve, accomplish, win
reach, feel for, grasp, come to
assault, assail, invade
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