English English

by means of (general, object)

German German

durch (general) mithilfe (object) mithilfe von (general) mittels (object)

French French

au moyen de (general, object) grâce à (object) à l'aide de (object)

Italian Italian

con (general, object) con l'aiuto di (object) per mezzo di (general, object) tramite (general)

Spanish Spanish

a través de (general) con (object) con la ayuda de (object) gracias a (object) por medio de (general)

Dutch Dutch

door middel van (general, object) met (object) met behulp van (object) middels (object)

Portuguese Portuguese

através de (general) com (object) com a ajuda de (object) por meios de (general)

Swedish Swedish

genom (general) med hjälp av (general, object) medelst (general)

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