wholeness has 25 translations in 9 languages

translations of wholeness

EN ES Spanish 3 translations
  • entereza (n) [quality of something considered as a whole] {f}
  • totalidad (n) [entirety] {f}
  • integridad (n) [entirety, quality of something considered as a whole] {f}
EN FR French 3 translations
EN IT Italian 4 translations
EN PT Portuguese 2 translations
EN DE German 5 translations
EN NL Dutch 2 translations
EN SV Swedish 3 translations
EN RU Russian 2 translations

Synonyms for wholeness

  1. Meaning: aggregate [n]
    complement, entirety, totality (formal), the works, wholeness
  2. Meaning: quantity [n]
  3. Meaning: entire [n]
  4. Meaning: completeness [n]
    entirety, totality (formal), intactness, entire, wholeness, universality
  5. Meaning: completeness [n]

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