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translations of unsophisticated

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EN FR French 2 translations
EN IT Italian 4 translations
EN PT Portuguese 5 translations
EN DE German 4 translations
EN NL Dutch 4 translations
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Synonyms for unsophisticated

  1. Meaning: pure [a]
    natural, authentic, genuine, unadulterated, unsophisticated
  2. Meaning: naive [a]
    unrefined, crude, raw, simple, artless, guileless, unsophisticated
  3. Meaning: tactless [a]
    ill-bred, uncouth, coarse, boorish, common, unsophisticated, gauche
  4. Meaning: tactless [a]
    gauche, uncouth, coarse, boorish, common, unsophisticated, ill-bred
  5. Meaning: artless [a]

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