thanks to has 25 translations in 13 languages

translations of thanks to

EN ES Spanish 3 translations
  • gracias a (o) [interjection, reason, because of]
  • merced a (adj v n adv) [because of] (prep)
  • por (o) [reason]
EN FR French 2 translations
EN IT Italian 3 translations
EN PT Portuguese 2 translations
EN DE German 4 translations
  • dank (o) [reason, interjection, general]
  • Dank [because of] {m}
  • wegen (o) [general]
  • durch (o) [reason]
EN NL Dutch 3 translations
EN SV Swedish 1 translation
  • tack vare (o) [reason, interjection, because of]
EN CS Czech 1 translation
EN PL Polish 1 translation
EN HU Hungarian 2 translations
EN AF Afrikaans 1 translation
EN RU Russian 1 translation
EN JA Japanese 1 translation