sweets has 34 translations in 12 languages

translations of sweets

EN ES Spanish 3 translations
  • dulces (n) [confectionery, candy, general] (mp)
  • caramelos (n) [confectionery, candy] (n)
  • chucherías (n) [confectionery, candy] {f}
EN FR French 4 translations
EN IT Italian 2 translations
EN PT Portuguese 4 translations
  • doces (n) [confectionery, candy] (mp)
  • doce (n) [general] {m}
  • confeito (n) [general] {m}
  • bala (n) [general] {f}
EN DE German 2 translations
EN NL Dutch 4 translations
EN SV Swedish 6 translations
EN HU Hungarian 1 translation
EN RU Russian 4 translations
EN HI Hindi 1 translation
EN JA Japanese 1 translation

Synonyms for sweets

  1. Meaning: candy [n]
    sweetmeat, sweets

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