fertile has 38 translations in 13 languages

translations of fertile

EN ES Spanish 3 translations
EN FR French 5 translations
EN IT Italian 6 translations
EN PT Portuguese 4 translations
EN DE German 3 translations
EN NL Dutch 2 translations
  • fertiel (a) [medicine, horticulture]
  • vruchtbaar (a) [medicine, biology, horticulture]
EN SV Swedish 7 translations
EN PL Polish 1 translation
EN DA Danish 1 translation
EN BG Bulgarian 1 translation
  • оплоден [(''biology'') capable of developing past the egg stage] (adj)
EN SL Slovenian 1 translation
  • oplojen [(''biology'') capable of developing past the egg stage] (adj)

Synonyms for fertile

  1. Meaning: rich [a]
    abounding, abundant, plentiful, bountiful (formal), ample, productive, plenteous (literature), fertile
  2. Meaning: cultivatable [a]
    fertile, fruitful (arch.), arable
  3. Meaning: productive [a]
    fertile, good, fat, rich, fruitful (arch.)
  4. Meaning: fruitful [a]
    fertile, prolific, productive, fertility, fecund (formal)
  5. Meaning: property [a]
    productive, fertile, good, fruitful (arch.), rich, fat

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