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translations of farther

EN ES Spanish 2 translations
EN FR French 1 translation
EN IT Italian 1 translation
EN PT Portuguese 2 translations
  • longe (determiner adj) [comparative of far]
  • mais longe (o) [distance, general]
EN DE German 2 translations
EN NL Dutch 2 translations
  • verder (abbr n v) [comparative of far, distance, general]
  • verder weg (a) [general]
EN SV Swedish 3 translations
EN CS Czech 2 translations
EN BG Bulgarian 2 translations
EN RU Russian 1 translation
  • да́льше (conj adv adj int n) [comparative of far] (prep adv n)

Synonyms for farther

  1. Meaning: beyond [o]
    behind, through (informal), by, past, over, across, farther
  2. Meaning: distant [a]
    remote, further, farther, ulterior
  3. Meaning: farthest [a]
  4. Meaning: at a greater distance [a]
    distant, beyond, farther, more, further
  5. Meaning: position [o]
    beyond, behind, through (informal), by, farther, over, across, nearby, past

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