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Imperatives and participles
Present Participle abutting
Past Participle abutted
Type I you he/she/it we you they
Present - abuts - abut
Past - abutted - abutted
Future - will abut - will abut
Present conditional - would abut - would abut
Past conditional - would have abutted - would have abutted
Present Perfect - has abutted - have abutted
Past Perfect - had abutted - had abutted
Future Perfect - will have abutted - will have abutted

Full conjugation of abut

Synonyms for abut

  1. Meaning: adjoin [v]
  2. Meaning: joining [v]
  3. Meaning: adjoin [v]
  4. Meaning: adjoin [v]
  5. Meaning: position [v]

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