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translations of Waliser

DE EN English 3 translations
DE ES Spanish 4 translations
  • galeses [collectively, people of Wales] (proper adj)
  • galesas [collectively, people of Wales] (proper adj)
  • galés (n) [Völkerkunde, native or inhabitant of Wales] {m}
  • Idioma galés
DE FR French 1 translation
  • Gallois (n) [native or inhabitant of Wales, collectively, people of Wales, Völkerkunde] (mp)
DE IT Italian 2 translations
DE PT Portuguese 3 translations
DE NL Dutch 5 translations
DE SV Swedish 3 translations
  • walesare (n) [native or inhabitant of Wales] (n)
  • kymrer (n) [native or inhabitant of Wales] (n)
  • walesarna (n) [Völkerkunde] (up)
DE CS Czech 3 translations
  • Walesan (v) [native or inhabitant of Wales] (n)
  • Velšan (v) [native or inhabitant of Wales] (n)
  • Velšané [collectively, people of Wales] (proper adj)
DE PL Polish 3 translations
DE DA Danish 1 translation
  • waliserne [collectively, people of Wales] (proper adj)
DE BG Bulgarian 2 translations
DE HU Hungarian 2 translations
DE RU Russian 4 translations
DE SL Slovenian 1 translation
DE JA Japanese 1 translation

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