Vollendung has 80 translations in 14 languages

translations of Vollendung

DE EN English 5 translations
DE ES Spanish 4 translations
DE FR French 4 translations
  • achèvement (n) [Akt, making complete; conclusion, Resultat] {m}
  • haut fait (n) [great or heroic deed]
  • réalisation (n) [act of achieving or performing] {f}
  • accomplissement (n) [Akt, that which completes, act of achieving or performing, Resultat] {m}
DE IT Italian 13 translations
DE PT Portuguese 8 translations
DE NL Dutch 7 translations
  • voleinding (n) [Resultat, Akt] {f}
  • voltooiing (n) [Akt, making complete; conclusion, Resultat] {f}
  • afronding (n) [making complete; conclusion] {f}
  • afwerking (n) [making complete; conclusion] {f}
  • vervollediging (n) [making complete; conclusion] (n)
  • prestatie (n) [great or heroic deed, act of achieving or performing, that which completes] {f}
  • verwezenlijking (n) [great or heroic deed] {f}
DE SV Swedish 6 translations
DE CS Czech 1 translation
DE PL Polish 5 translations
  • dokonanie (v) [great or heroic deed, act of achieving or performing] {n}
  • ukończenie (v) [making complete; conclusion] {n}
  • zrealizowanie (v) [making complete; conclusion] (n)
  • zakończenie (v) [making complete; conclusion] {n}
  • osiągnięcie (v) [great or heroic deed, act of achieving or performing] {n}
DE DA Danish 5 translations
  • bedrift [great or heroic deed] (n)
  • Opfyldelse
  • resultat [act of achieving or performing, great or heroic deed] {n}
  • udførelse [act of achieving or performing] (n)
  • præstation [act of achieving or performing, great or heroic deed] (n)
DE BG Bulgarian 5 translations
DE RU Russian 8 translations
DE SL Slovenian 1 translation
DE JA Japanese 8 translations
  • 実績 [that which completes] (n)
  • 完了 [making complete; conclusion] (n)
  • 完成 [making complete; conclusion] (n)
  • 成績 [act of achieving or performing] (n)
  • 成果 [act of achieving or performing] (n)
  • 到達 [act of achieving or performing] (n)
  • 業績 [act of achieving or performing] (n)
  • 達成 [act of achieving or performing] (n)

Synonyms for vollendung

  1. Meaning: Vollkommenheit [n]
    Meisterschaft {f}, Glanzleistung, Ideal {n}, Krönung {f}, Vollendung {f}
  2. Meaning: Vollendetheit [n]
    Vollendung {f}, Vollkommenheit {f}
  3. Meaning: Können [n]
  4. Meaning: Können [n]
  5. Meaning: Glanzstück [n]

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