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translations of obgleich

DE EN English 3 translations
DE ES Spanish 5 translations
DE FR French 3 translations
DE IT Italian 3 translations
DE PT Portuguese 4 translations
DE NL Dutch 6 translations
DE SV Swedish 5 translations
  • om än [despite its being; although]
  • ehuru [despite its being; although]
  • även om [despite its being; although, obwohl]
  • fastän (o) [obwohl]
  • låt vara [despite its being; although] (conj)
DE CS Czech 1 translation
  • třebaže [despite its being; although] (conj)
DE PL Polish 3 translations
DE DA Danish 2 translations
  • omend [despite its being; although]
  • selv om [despite its being; although]
DE BG Bulgarian 2 translations
DE RU Russian 2 translations
DE SL Slovenian 2 translations
  • četudi [despite its being; although]
  • čeprav [despite its being; although]
DE HI Hindi 2 translations
DE JA Japanese 2 translations

Synonyms for obgleich

  1. Meaning: obwohl [o]
  2. Meaning: obwohl [o]
    obschon, obzwar, obgleich, trotzdem
  3. Meaning: trotzdem [o]
  4. Meaning: obwohl [o]
    obgleich, obzwar, obschon, wiewohl
  5. Meaning: obwohl [o]

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