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translations of angrenzend

DE EN English 9 translations
DE ES Spanish 10 translations
  • anexo (a) [Gebäude] {m}
  • adyacente (a) [anliegend, adjacent, neighboring]
  • cercano (a) [anliegend, adjacent, neighboring]
  • lindante [having a common boundary or border]
  • inmediato (a) [anliegend]
  • vecino [adjacent, neighboring, Gebiet] {m}
  • cerca de (o) [allgemein]
  • al lado de (o) [allgemein]
  • colindante [having a common boundary or border]
  • contiguo (a) [Gebiet, Gebäude, connected, touching, abutting, adjacent, neighboring, anliegend]
DE FR French 8 translations
  • attenant (a) [Gebäude, anliegend]
  • annexe (a) [Gebäude] {f}
  • adjacent (a) [anliegend, adjacent, neighboring]
  • proche de (o) [allgemein]
  • auprès de (o) [allgemein]
  • voisin [adjacent, neighboring, Gebiet] {m}
  • contigu [connected, touching, abutting, adjacent, neighboring, anliegend, Gebäude, Gebiet]
  • près de (o) [allgemein]
DE IT Italian 9 translations
DE PT Portuguese 7 translations
DE NL Dutch 8 translations
DE SV Swedish 6 translations
DE PL Polish 1 translation
DE BG Bulgarian 3 translations
DE HU Hungarian 7 translations
DE RU Russian 6 translations

Synonyms for angrenzend

  1. Meaning: anliegend [a]
  2. Meaning: angrenzend [a]
    angrenzend, anschließend

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